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Tonka beans - 60g

__ AED 39.00 __

Its aromas of sweet almond, vanilla, caramel, and sometimes coffee or “Amsterdamer®” tobacco dear to our grandfathers have an amazing finesse.

Its taste is warm and sensual with alight bitterness similar to cocoa.

Grated Tonka bean is used in compotes, creamy desserts, with chocolate or can be used as a trinket inside a Galette des Rois.

Tonka beans lend their aroma to custards, crème brulées or cakes. They also perfectly perfume rice pudding, crèpes or macarons. Vary your presentations by grating some into your strawberry purée or onto fruit desserts.

Deep in the Amazonian forest, the Coumarou, a gigantic tree that feeds the “green lung” of the earth, produces orange fruit that resemble mangos. When mature, this fruit produces red oblong seeds the size of an almond. They are dried for nearly a year and then submerged in strong alcohol for 24 h. After this lengthy process, they are dried again and become black and wrinkled.