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Organic bronze turkey from 8 to 10kg - 149 aed / kg (frozen) (halal)

United Kingdom
__ AED 1,192.00 __

Weight between 8 to 10 kg.

The Rhug Bronze Turkey is acclaimed as one of the best tasting turkeys; with a moist rich flavour and finely grained meat. Their organic hand-reared turkeys are produced in the most natural way; living outdoors on rich fertile pastures, and sleeping indoors in spacious turkey barns. We believe that this natural breeding process has a really positive impact on its taste, tenderness and meat yield. 

The holidays are coming and you wish you could cook a beautiful turkey in Dubai? You are looking for something traditional to cook for your western world guests? You can easily find turkey in Dubai. Whatever you are looking to do, we offer one of the best tasting organic free-range turkeys in Dubai that will certainly please you and your guests.

In the Western world, the turkey word immediately suggests Year-End celebrations End. Americans are the first ones to start the End-of-the year festival period with Thanksgiving. And there is no proper Thanksgiving celebration without the famous and traditional turkey dish as main course. Then, comes Christmas. Once again, the famous poultry runs the show of the famous Christmas dinner. However, the past decades have shown an extension to other poultry cousins such as capon, guinea fowl or hen. But, the “Crème de la crème” is to select a generous turkey in Dubai from Bresse. Bresse is a very limited territory in France where the farmers grow their poultry in such a way that their offer is not enough to cover the demand …

Buy your turkey in Dubai and brace yourself for a treat !