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NEW Selection of 5 French farm cheese "ultimate" / cheese platter - 2kg

__ AED 350.00 __

1.Comte 8months 500g (cow milk) 2. Brillat Savarin 600g (cow milk) 3. Ovalie cendree 2 x 300g (goat cheese) 4. Ami du Chambertin 250g (cow milk) 5. Bleu de Sassenage (blue cheese, cow milk) 300g

Half of the fun about cheese platter is trying the cheese out with different flavors such as Poilane bread, fig or morello jams, mostarda, balsamic vinegar, honey, berries and grapes.

Herve Mons travels all over France, searching for the best cheeses, particularly from those farmers who are still using traditional methods of production. Then the cheeses are matured in the Mons caves to develop their aromas and taste. This is why today, Maison Mons is the official supplier of the best tables around the world and is recognized as the benchmark in specialty cheeses.