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Barolo vinegar - DOCC aged "bottle Galateo" - 100ml

Galateo & Friends
__ AED 65.00 __

Produced with D.O.C.G. (denomination of origin certified and guaranteed) Barolo vinegar is matured in oak casks. It is excellent to cook fowl, kidneys with onion and salads.

A great high-quality product, beautifully clear and bright, of a nice red with an orange shade. Its markedly sour aroma and the distinct characteristics of its taste recall the body and the peculiarities of the grape it is made with.

Galateo&Friends offers the best of the famous "Italian Dolce Vita" through a concept dedicated to those people who like to enjoy beautiful things, such as fine food, interior design, appealing table decorations and unique objects. As refined "gourmets", Galateo&Friends decided to start by proposing a complete food line as an expression of excellence: products from Italy and made in Italy, from extra virgin olive oil, to balsamic vinegars, going through pasta, rice and truffles.